Our research activity is guided by a focus on key elements: International Relations, Global Development and Security; Conflict and Climate Change; Culture, Politics, and Society.

All researchers across the School identify with one or more of the themes. This enables the collective identification of themes within the School and aims to generate further collaboration and interdisciplinary focus in our research activities. In addition, the themes provide a basis for internal and external recognition of the main questions and topics that our research addresses.

Student Dissertation and Thesis

All students of the Master, Executive Master and Doctorate level have to submit and successfully defend their final academic paper before an expert panel. Herewith are examples of research areas covered in Master dissertations and Doctorate theses by students of the Geneva School of Diplomacy

MIR Dissertations

Butler-Payette André

Small Island States: Geoeconomic and Geopolitical Strategies and their Vulnerabilities in the International System with Specific Reference to the Republic of Seychelles

Chakravartti Suddha

India’s Energy Security – Planning and Policy Considerations

Exarchou Joanna

The Kurdish Question – Geopolitical Analysis of the Kurdish Question in Iraq and Turkey

Moric Hrvoje

Information Warfare, Color Revolutions and Geopolitical Stakes

Muniz Renata

Brazilian Leadership in the Integration Process in South America: The Case of ANASUL

Nair Shabarinath

Human Rights of Unskilled Indian Migrant Workers: The Case of Qatar

Ninkovic Nina

Energy Security to 2030 – The future with bifuels

Faculty and Alumni Publications & Research

Alexander Jessica

Chasing Chaos: My decade in and out of humanitarian aid

De Zayas Alfred

Independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order

Aboul-Enein Amb. Dr. Sameh

Assistant Foreign Minister of Egypt for Disarmament, International Security and Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

DIR Thesis

Deak Gabor

New Media – Curse or Blessing for Democracy? Postmodern Idealistic Utopia versus Orwellian Nightmare Assisted by Technology

Dimitrijevic Nebo

Living between Colossuses: Buffer states, South-East Europe and the Atlantic Community

Lumbanga Matern

Global Poverty: The Case for sub-Saharan Africa