Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Questions

1. How to apply?

  • Press the APPLY button at the very top and follow the procedure

2. What are the requirements?

  • In programme page check the requirements tab for more information

3. Is there an admission interview?

  • Yes, you will be contacted by our admissions office once your application is received

4. When is the deadline for application?

  • At least 2 months prior to the induction day of each semester for EU citizens and 4 months for non-EU citizens

5. When is the next intake? ​

  • September or February of each year

6. Do you offer scholarships?

  • No. But for BAIR and MIR applicants, you may apply for a fellowship. For more information check Tuition fee tab in programme page.

7. How much is the tuition fee?

  • Please refer to the Tuition fee tab for the desired programme

8. Do you accept transfer students?

  • Yes, our Academic Office will determine how many credits are accepted from our previous studies.
  • Please proceed and apply as a regular student and submit your official grade transcript for assessment.

9. Do you accept exchange students or Erasmus?

  • We only accept exchange students from our partner universities
  • We do not have Erasmus programme

10. Can I visit or talk to someone from GSD?

  • You may arrange a visit or request for a Skype call

11. How do I apply for a visa to attend the programme?

  • The admissions office will assist you with your visa application process. Please get in touch with them.

GSD General Questions

1. Is GSD recognized?

  • GSD is accredited by EDUQUA. EduQua is the first Swiss quality label geared towards provides of adult learning programmes. The label promotes transparency and comparability of adult learning for the benefit of consumers and contributes to safeguarding the quality of adult education programmes in Switzerland
  • GSD is a member of AGEP [Association Genevoise des Écoles Privées] (Association of Private School in Geneva)
  • GSD is a member of FSEP [Fédération Suisse des Écoles Privées] (Swiss Federation of Private School
  • GSD is also pursuing other accreditations
  • GSD is a member of other recognised organisations

2. What are the Programmes offered?

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BAIR)
  • Master in International Relations (MIR)
  • Dual Degree Programmes in International Relations
  • Executive Master in International Relations (EMIR)
  • Short Term Certificate Course in International Relations (STCC)
  • Doctor in International Relations (DIR)
  • Summer School
  • Short Courses

3. What is the duration of your programmes?

  • BAIR: 3 years (2 semesters per school year)
  • MIR: 1-1.5 years (3 semesters)
  • DIR: 3 years
  • STCC: 4 months
  • Summer School: 1 week
  • Short Course: please se the different programmes

4. Where is the school located?

  • Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, 2 Chemin du Pavillon, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Geneva Switzerland

5. Do you offer online courses?

  • No. We value providing our students practical experience in the most diplomatic neighborhood on the planet, Geneva.

6. Who are the GSD professors?

  • The Geneva School of Diplomacy has an excellent and growing reputation for the high level of its academic staff – including ambassadors, former heads-of-state, and Nobel Peace Prize nominees/winners. They instruct, research, and publish in both classic cutting-edge areas in the field of International Relations. The vast majority of the faculty members have terminal degrees within their field of expertise apart from themselves being active practitioners.

7. How many students are there in a class?

  • In the Geneva School of Diplomacy, we strongly believe in providing our students the opportunity to personally interact with our faculty and co-students at a high level and develop long lasting and sometimes life-changing relationships. Therefore, as a policy we keep the class-sizes between 15-20 students.

8. What is the medium of instruction in all programmes?

  • All our programmes are taught in English.

9. Do you offer language courses?

  • No, but we may assist our students to find a language course with our partners.

10. What are the advantages of being a GSD student?

  • Study in the heart of the most diplomatic neighbourhood in the world
  • Learn from distinguished faculty in small and interactive classes
  • Launch a successful career with our mandatory Internship programme & high-level networking possibilities
  • Theory & praxis-oriented curriculum

11. Do you offer part-time courses?

  • Yes, for MIR programme for students residing in Switzerland.
  • Yes, for EMIR programme, a duration of 1.5 to 5 years.

12. Do you provide career services and internships?

  • Yes. We do offer career services.

Living in Geneva Questions

1. Do you have in-campus accommodation for students?

  • No, but we may assist you to find one

2. How much is the expected budget for accommodation?

  • Depending on your choice of accommodation, it can be from 450.- CHF and above per month. Although, it is very hard to get one at this price.
  • The most affordable type is the student dormitories (foyers), you may consider sharing an apartment with another GSD student or renting an apartment on your own.
  • For assistance, please contact us at:

3. How much is the average living expenses of students per month?

  • It can be starting from 1,500.- CHF per month. Although, the Canton of Geneva suggests a budget of 2,500.- CHF per month per person.

4. Can I get accommodation outside Geneva with my student (residence) permit?

  • No. If you want to live in another Canton of Switzerland, you must apply for a residence permit in that Canton.
  • If you choose to live in France, you have to apply for a French residence permit and apply for a G Permit to come study and work (intern) in Geneva.