Student Body

The student body at GSD is a vibrant and diverse community, reflective of the school’s international reputation. Comprising individuals from all over of the globe, GSD students bring a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and perspectives to the institution. The diversity not only fosters a dynamic and inclusive learning environment but also enhances the understanding of global issues and diplomacy. Whether pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies, GSD students share a common passion for diplomacy, international relations, and global governance. With a commitment to academic excellence and a desire to make a positive impact on the world stage, the student body at GSD is a testament to the institution’s missions of nurturing future leaders in the field of diplomacy.

Student Body Council (SBC)

The Geneva School of Diplomacy’s Student Body Council (SBC) plays a vital role in promoting the inclusion of students in all significant decision-making processes. Comprising passionate and dedicated student representatives, the SBC serves as a bridge between the student body and the institution’s administration, ensuring that student voices are heard and considered in matters affecting the GSD community. Beyond its role in governance, the SBC also actively engages in volunteering and organizes humanitarian projects, reflecting the school’s commitment to global responsibility and diplomacy in action.