Financing Your Studies

  • Fellowship

    Our fellowship programme is available for students with proven academic excellence and demonstrated financial need.

    Every year, GSD will offer a maximum of 6 students a 30% to 50% discount based on their proven need for financial assistance.

    An ideal candidate is expected to have a minimum of 3.0 (out of 4.0) grade point average (GPA).

    The applicant must submit:

    • A Fellowship application form

    • A motivation letter stating why they should be considered for the fellowship

    • Proof of financial need — usually the tax declaration of the candidate or the sponsor of the candidate

    • Any other documentation that may support their application

    All these documents must be submitted as one single file PDF document. The application will not be considered unless all the documents mentioned above are submitted.

    Students who obtain a fellowship are expected to offer a few hours of administrative assistance or support every week at the school, commensurate with the level of financial aid awarded.

  • GSD Academic Excellence Scholarship Programme

    The GSD Academic Excellence Scholarship Programme is intended for students with strong demonstrated academic achievements (3.5 out of 4 GPA, adjusted) together with outstanding personal attributes and accomplishments such as community service, leadership, etc.

    Students selected will receive between 10% – 25% discount on their annual tuition fee based on their past academic performance.

    *Students who do not obtain the fellowship award will automatically be considered for the Excellence Scholarship award.

    • All Fellowships and Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
      Applying early is very important
    • Students who wish to apply for financial aid must apply at the time of their admission to
    • Students who are already enrolled do not qualify to apply for financial aid
    • Allocation and renewal of financial aid are the responsibility of the management
    • The decision taken by the Financial Aid Committee, notified to applicants, is not subject
      to appeal
    • Any change to the personal situation of an applicant during the financial aid application
      process must be informed immediately to
    • Students who obtain financial aid under any of the programmes:
      • must fully meet their academic requirements
      • must maintain 80% class attendance
      • must not be guilty of disciplinary or academic issues such as plagiarism
      • Fellowship students must meet their administrative assistance hours
    • Financial Aid recipients must pay their fees by the due dates given on their invoice. After
      2 reminders, the candidate risks having their aid allocation withdrawn
    • The management can cancel/suspend the financial aid if the student fails to meet any of
      the conditions mentioned in points above.
    • Financial aid offered to candidates providing misleading information on their personal,
      financial or academic situation before, during or after their application will be cancelled
    • A candidate can only qualify for financial aid under one of the above programmes
  • External Funding Opportunities

    1. WeMakeScholars

    This loan opportunity is available to Indian students who are admitted to the Geneva School of Diplomacy & IR and looking for an education loan. WeMakeScholars is an organisation funded and supported by the IT Ministry, Govt. of India, and has helped many students secure education loans from banks in India. WeMakeScholars are the official processing partners for more than 10 Indian banks and can help recommend the best education loan option to match the sudent’s profile. Their services are free of charge as the initiative has the support of the Digital India government campaign. Please visit their website for more details.

    Click here for more information about WeMakeScholars.


    2. STEPEX Future Earnings Agreement (FEA)

    The Geneva School of Diplomacy & IR believes in creating future leaders.

    Through our partner Stepex, GSD is launching a new initiative of Future Earnings Agreements (FEA).

    SteEx is the only FCA-regulated provider of “FEAs”, which allow students to defer repaying the cost of their tuition fees until they are earning above a defined income threshold.

    StepEx FEA provides students the ability to pay for tuition fees with a percentage of future earnings. Instead of paying the full fee upfront, participants can pay a fixed percentage of their earnings for 36 or 60 months after they graduate. The amount repaid is variable based on earnings, the total amount repaid is capped, and the repayment period is fixed. This scheme is suitable even for those who are unable to secure traditional financing.

    This scheme ensures that the interests of the student and GSD are aligned. If the student does well and secures well-paid employment GSD will recover its costs.


    Applies to applicants from UK, EU, and other nationalities on a case-by-case basis

    Deadline: Ongoing

    Funding provider(s): Step Exchange Limited

    Agreement Amount: 40% of the respective programme tuition fee

    Applicable courses: Master of International Relations and Executive Master in International Relations


    Click here to understand the FEA further

    For more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions section of the StepEx website.


    Click here to access the StepEx Application Process.

    1. Submit your application to GSD for your chosen degree programme.
    2. Once accepted, create an account on the StepEx application portal
    3. If approved, complete the arrangement fee payment
    4. Read the terms of your financing and sign your financing contract with StepEx
    5. Start your degree programme.
  • Refugee Scholarship

    Under this programme, GSD may offer, subject to availability, full (100%) to partial (50%) scholarships to applicants for the Bachelor and Master Programme who currently possess official refugee status in Switzerland.

    The conditions to qualify are as follows:

    The applicant must meet the necessary academic requirements to be admitted to a programme;

    • Must already be a resident in Switzerland

    • Provide proof of current refugee status in Switzerland

    • Possess proof of at least C1 English language skills to meet the programme requirements

    In case of lost documents, a panel will be constituted to assess eligibility before being admitted to a programme.

    Candidates who wish to apply to the Refugee Scholarship Programme must send their CV, motivation letter, passport copy, and copy of proof of current refugee status to

  • GSD continuation Scholarship

    Students who have completed any programme in GSD with good academic standing – 3.4 out of 4 GPA, wanting to continue their further education in other programmes such as Master, Executive Master, programmes will be eligible for 20% discount on their yearly tuition fee.

    Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before applying.