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Student Body Representatives

Student Body Representatives

Pratishta Saxena

Masters of International Relations (MIR) Student Body president

“Before joining this beautiful campus of Geneva School of Diplomacy & IR, I graduated in Business Administration and engineered in Computer Science, and interned at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva. Becoming the president for their interns, this internship became the root of my motivation to join the field of diplomacy and international relations. After graduating from GSD, I plan to join the sector of policy analysis, strategy and planning.”

Michael Richey Masters of International Relations (MIR)                            MIR Student Body Ambassador

“After arriving in Geneva in 2015, I finished the International Baccalaureate programme here at GSD and am currently interning at UNITAR. Being very passionate about diversity and education I hope to continue to impact others with education and following my life long philosophy of “it’s not how different we are, but how similar we are”. After graduating from GSD, I will continue my work at UNITAR and will pursue building a community of people where everyone prospers and enjoys life to the fullest.”

Sergiu Stoica Bachelors of International Relations (BA-IR) BA 2&3 Student Body Ambassador

“Moving from my hometown town Timișoara, Romania, to Vienna, Austria, I completed my high school studies with an International Baccalaureate diploma. I chose IR, for my undergraduate degree at GSD, out of curiosity, on how world politics play out and their decision-making process. It seemed an obvious choice to me since, in the last two years of my IB programme, my focus was on Humanities. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I look forward to pursuing the path of IR further by attaining a Masters degree.”

Frizia Rounak Bachelors of International Relations (BA-IR) BA 1 Student Body Ambassador

“Being brought up in a politically aware household where my father, who is in the police force, always voiced concerns over complex issues, affecting the state’s cultural and social fabric, my initial interest was piqued to understand the intricacies of International Relations and the overall socio-psychological framework that governs it all. I am honoured to be at GSD and learning from the best. Excited and hopeful to see what the future holds in store in the next three years.”