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Election Days 2019

Election Days 2019

The elections are this week!!!

Each academic year, new Student Ambassadors are elected by the GSD student body to act as representatives and leaders.

We are happy to announce that elections will be taking place for new forum members.


  • Student Body Ambassador BA year I – THURSDAY 19th at 3pm in the KENNEDY room

  • Student Body Ambassador BA year II & III – THURSDAY 19th at 10:15am in the CHATEAU

  • Student Body Ambassador Masters – THURSDAY 19th at 9:45am in the BURKE room

  • Student Body President – WEDNESDAY 18th at 13:45pm in the KENNEDY room

Being a Student Ambassador is not only an interesting and immersed look into Democracy, but is an excellent element to include on your CV for future internships and careers.

Prepare your candidacies now and email!