Prof. Patrick Taran

Patrick A. Taran is a globally recognized specialist on international migration with a focus on migration governance and protection of migrants, with 42 years of full-time professional operational experience in migration, immigration, refugee resettlement and discrimination/integration as well as development, human rights and social work at local, national and global levels. He has played leading roles in developing technical cooperation, capacity building and advisory services on migration governance in Africa and Eurasia; promoting entry into force of the International Convention on the protection of rights of migrants; producing practical guidance materials, research studies and academic literature; obtaining national implementation of international legal standards; and facilitating cooperation among governments, international organizations and civil society. He co-authored/co-edited seven books and has written more than 200 articles, reports, research papers and policy briefs. Patrick Taran has been President of Global Migration Policy Associates since 2011, was Senior Migration Specialist at the ILO 2000-2011 and Secretary for Migration at the World Council of Churches 1990- 98. He co-founded and directed the South American Refugee Program in Seattle-1976-1980. He was co-founder of the Committee for US Action on Asylum Concerns (1985); Migrants Rights International (1994); the Global Ecumenical Network on Refugees and Migration (1995); and the Steering Committee for the global campaign on the migrants rights conventions (1998).


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  • 200+ policy briefs and conference papers, booklets, articles, public statements, speech texts