Mr. Olivier Naray

I help companies, organisations, and individuals to defend and promote their interests vis-à-vis their stakeholders, especially in public policy and regulatory as well as reputation-related challenges. Strong facilitation, communication and advisory skills. Focus: business-government relations, strategy development, corporate positioning, public affairs, stakeholder relations, promotion of trade & investments, and business diplomacy. Significant experience in technology, ICT, BPO & digital sector, commodities/agribusiness (coffee, F&V), and international trade. Beyond 16+ years of active political experience, I have analysed and enhanced my clients’ reputation, positioning and advocacy. Founded the Blockchain & Politics group. Swiss and multilingual (French, German, Swiss-German, English), I have led and managed teams and large budgets. I hold a Management, an M.A. in International Affairs as well as a M.Sc. in Political Sciences. AIESEC and Diplomatische Akademie Wien Alumni.

Courses Taught

  • Business Diplomacy


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