Dr. Nicolas Mueller

Dr. Nicolas G. Mueller studied chemistry, physics and national security. He did 6 years of research inlaser engineering, and then worked several years as ICRC coordinator/delegate, 1999-2001 inAfghanistan. From 2001-2005 he worked as international strategy consultant. He subsequentlyworked in the Swiss Armed Forces Joint Staff as project manager Swiss Information OperationsForce. 2007-2016 he was the federal crisis management advisor, directed the federal strategic crisisexercises, organized yearly OECD conferences and advised the Swiss Government in crisis earlywarning and -management. Since 2017 he is Head Weapons and Ammunition at armasuisse, SwissFederal Office for Defence Procurement. As a general staff colonel, he is the former deputy head ofoperations (G3) of Swiss Land Forces and a former reconnaissance battalion commander. As adjunctprofessor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy, he teaches National Crisis Management, ClimateChange and Future of Warfare

Courses Taught

  • Future of Warfare
  • National Crisis Management
  • Climate Change