Dr. Agon Demjaha

Agon Demjaha holds an MA with distinction in International Relations and European Studies and a PhD in Political Sciences. He has almost four decades of experience in the field of academic research, university teaching, diplomacy and non-governmental sector. Among others he has extensive work experience in Strategic planning; Public relations; Management; Academic research, Resource mobilization and diversification; Donor relations, Project development and implementation; Writing, translating and editing. During 2006-2010, he served as the Ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia to the Kingdom of Sweden, while also covering the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Finland as a non-resident Ambassador. In the period (2010-2012) Mr. Demjaha has also been engaged as an advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Economic Development of the Republic of Kosovo. Currently, Mr. Demjaha works as an Associate Professor of Political Sciences and International Relations at Tetovo University. Mr. Demjaha has published a number of articles in the field of political sciences in international journals and is also the author of several chapters in edited books published by renowned press houses such as United Nations University Press, Imperial College Press and Palgrave Macmillan. His main interests include ethnic relations, conflict prevention and resolution, regional cooperation and diplomacy.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Political Science


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