Disclaimer and Warning

Disclaimer and Warning

Over the last few years, we at the Geneva School of Diplomacy have been bemused and concerned to learn that “fake GSDs” have appeared in different parts of the world.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — it has often been said.

Too true! But the purpose of this disclaimer is to warn all members or applicants-to-become-members of GSD to beware of imitation, “knock-off” versions of GSD.

The Geneva School of Diplomacy has a world reputation and many collaborative agreements with universities and governments all over the world.

But we wish to make clear that the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations S.A.— the true, legal, the original — exists only in Switzerland and nowhere else.

Indeed the “real GSD” exists of course in Geneva, next door to the United Nations, in the heart of the most diplomatic neighborhood on the planet, surrounded by some 200 International Organizations.

So if you aspire to join the GSD community, whether as student, faculty, or staff, do be aware, and do be careful, that you are knocking at the right door. Where you will be, of course, warmly welcome.