Master of International Relations

“I would define my GSD experience in three words: education, connections, and opportunities. I had the privilege to be taught by brilliant faculty who shared with us not only the theoretical aspects, but also the practical and real side of the International Relations. Also, being in the hub of international organizations gave me the chance to meet, work, and connect with professionals and experts from all over the world, who offered me their best advice and guidance throughout my studies. Lastly, my entire journey at the GSD was filled with amazing opportunities, it opened many doors, and guided me towards the career I am building at this moment in the United States. All these were achieved with hard work, dedication, and ambition and they completely changed my perspective and my life. I am very grateful for this experience and I can say that GSD is and will always be my family.”

-Daria-Romana Pop, Threat Intelligence Analyst at Microsoft (BAIR, Class of 2019)

“The internship is a profound experience in exploring the field of diplomatic practice, with joint efforts being drawn cross- regionally, internationally and individually driven.”

-Robina Alhneiti, (BAIR, Class of 2017)

“The most important thing I have learned is to work hard until you get where you want to be. Of course I’ve also learned a ton load of protocol, drafting skills, innovative thinking and more. I consider my internship as my lifestyle!”

-Hussein Aboul-Enein, Director, Head of Middle East at Access Partnership (BAIR, Class of 2017)

“Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations is an exceptional institution, which not only has expertise in providing a scholarly and academic understanding of International Relations and Diplomacy, but also allows students to enjoy a great opportunity of learning from practitioners with lifetime experiences in practical diplomacy in the world.”

-Faaiz Kaamil, (MIR, Class of 2011)

“I chose Geneva School of Diplomacy due to the high level of professionalism and the level of the entire staff, both faculty and personnel. My choice has been well rewarded.”

-Marco Marcucci, Communication and Press Office Specialist at NHOA Group (MIR, Class of 2016)

“I have to say that my favourite thing about GSD is the long list of professors that have an insight into the work of the international community, through working at the Human Rights Council, to managing NGOs and sharing their experiences as Ambassadors, they have the best advice you could possibly find in Geneva. It is also such a thorough and accessible way for starting your own network.”

-Louisa Djerroud, (BAIR, Class of 2017)

“GSD gave me a lot of value especially in leadership. And now I’m a political leader because the position I’m holding is a top position in the Ministry of Health (approximately 4.8 thousands employees are directly under me). I believe GSD is one of the best things I have ever done because of the lectures what gave us the right level of practicality. Other institutions teach more theory, but at GSD we were dealing with practitioners; ambassadors, people of high profile, people who had negotiated big United Nations agreements, etcetera. Anybody who wants more practical experience should come to GSD.”

-Hon. Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to Italy (EMIR, Alumni)

“With internships at the 2010 Spanish Presidency of the European Union as well as the Office of the Director General at the United Nations Office in Geneva working on the Political Affairs, External Relations and Interagency Affairs team, I feel confident moving forward in a related career.”

-Jon-Mark Walls, Business Development Manager at Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering (BAIR, Class of 2011)

“At GSD, I benefitted from the very resourceful Professors who provided important knowledge relevant to their fields of study and advice at all times. Apart from the Professors, I had a lot to learn from my fellow students whose varied experiences and backgrounds also provided a rich learning experience. I found that most of the issues taught at GSD were also very relevant to my day to day activities related to my work.”

-Ambassador Matern Lumbanga, (DIR, Class 2007)

“Working for the Council of Europe has provided me the opportunity to thoroughly network with the international community in Geneva and has given me an entirely new perspective of international affairs from an organizational point of view.”

-Zoé Ryan, Internal Consultant at OECD Investment Division (BAIR, 2017)

“Thanks to GSD I was in a good position to capitalise on Geneva being the hub of international relations & diplomacy. During the period of 13 months, I internet with three organisations, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) and UN Environment Programme (UNEP).”

-Schuchita Mehta, (BAIR, Class of 2011)

“GSD is suitable especially for professional people and provides excellent faculty who are experts in their chosen fields. The education at GSD encourages peace for all human beings on a global scale. GSD also provides a multicultural atmosphere which is itself an amazingly enriching learning environment.”

-Noori Obaid Khan, Constituency Assistant at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (EMIR, Class of 2011)

“As an Albanian that has lived in a transitional period, from one of the harshest communist regimes to democracy, I comprehend the sheer significance of the good governance, social justice, and accountability. These are simply the tenets that I acknowledged throughout my irreplaceable education period at GSD. Becoming a part of the diplomatic domain allowed me to engage in issues I was deeply passionate about: International Law and International Affairs. It was during my last year of studies that I decided to join GSD and this decision made possible the exploration of new opportunities in a rapidly changing and evolving world. Admittedly, the overarching program of GSD along with its location in the most diplomatic city in the world, Geneva, and the opportunities it offers to join the United Nations system, or even to engage in exchange programs, such as the one I pursued at Georgetown University, makes it one of the most respectable academic institutions in the world for Diplomacy and International Relations. GSD is a state-of-the-art institution. In this relatively ‘new’ University, but full of expertise and diplomatic culture within, I have had the chance to be taught by UN professionals, Ambassadors, high-officials from International Organizations and other renowned professors. My time at GSD has broadened my intellectual capacity and have pioneered me through analyzing world issues, established my consciousness on social injustices and have unquestionably prepared me to serve the international community in the near future.”

-Donis Sadushaj, Members and Partners Relations at ITU (BAIR, Class of 2018)

“Being at the heart of Geneva and close to the UN environment was key for me in choosing GSD. The EMIR program is very much connected to topics that are top of the agenda in today’s current affairs.”

-Juan Pablo Cardenal, (EMIR, Class of 2016)

“I would recommend Geneva School of Diplomacy to anyone who is looking for an engaging and interactive education, with a clear professional focus.”

-David Orre, Innovation and Partnership at ITU (MIR, Class of 2017)

“I arrived to Geneva on a flight from New Zealand in 2016. Winter was setting in. I was lacking suitable snow boots but hopeful about the journey I was embarking on. GSD offered me a structured programme that included both foundational topics as well as deep dives into the most pressing international relations issues of the day. I relished the opportunity to answer questions made by professors, expert academically and in practise. I quickly learnt about the importance of strategic thinking in diplomacy. As a self-proclaimed introvert, the GSD Masters Programme encouraged me to be more outgoing, charismatic and professionally resilient. I learned to enjoy networking, as it was key to finding an internship. When I exceled at that, I learned to be an innovative problem solver, resolving practical problems for a fully-fledged diplomat, working for the wellbeing of their country. High stakes in any case. I now work for an Embassy as a Policy Adviser. I apply the lessons learned at GSD frequently. I am aware that my GSD experience was a crucial stepping-stone in my professional career.”

-Mariana Suarez, Policy Adviser at New Zealand Embassy in Bogota (MIR, Class of 2016)

“I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to study at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and to have had the opportunity to receive an inspiring education at all levels; well-structured lectures, practical training through simulation sessions, participant engagement and mentoring.”

-Dr. Kalliopi Ioannidou, (EMIR, Class of 2016)

“My experience in GSD has been transformative in many ways. I have received an excellent doctoral experience at GSD I gained great insights which helped me to establish myself in the following field. GSD is definitely a place to establish your career in the field of International Relations.”

-Dr. Preethi Amaresh, External Consultant at Africa 21 (DIR, Class of 2023)

“My name is Mayra Ramirez, and I studied the Master’s in International Relations (MIR) at the Geneva School of Diplomacy (GSD) during the 2020-2021 academic year. Originally from Peru, I have a background in Management and Finance, and worked in the Impact Investing sector for about 8 years, until 2020. My professional work and substantial volunteering experience in Peru developed in me a keen interest in pursuing a career in the international sector, particularly working in organizations providing worldwide support in health and education to underserved communities. This encouraged me to study the MIR program at GSD. Studying at GSD was a great decision, not only because of its unique location in Geneva but also its emphasis on equipping students with practical skills. The theoretical classes were followed by challenging and relevant cases, which were analyzed and discussed. What I fondly remember about GSD is the supportive community of professors and classmates, who provided a stimulating and engaging learning environment. The friendships and connections I made at GSD will stay with me for years to come.  During my time at GSD, I had the opportunity to do two very interesting internships at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations (UN), and at the Joint Inspection Unit of the UN. The education I received at GSD prepared me well for these experiences, as to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical situations. What I liked most about my internships was the chance to be involved in making meaningful contributions to policy discussions.”

-Mayra Ramirez, Program Officer at The Global Fund (MIR, Class of 2021)

“The GSD executive master in international relations is a great opportunity for all those professionals who want to improve their knowledge in any subject related to international relations. I will describe this master’s degree as a perfect harmony of three parts: the school, the professors and the students: the school, choosing the appropriate and very current subjects; the professors, very competent and experts in their subjects, and the students come from all over the world with different backgrounds but with the same passion for any international subject and all together they allow you to understand the considerable changes that are happening in the world of international relations and how to use all the tools to face all the challenges more prepared. And that passion will help us to become not only mere spectators but also active actors in any organization, company, or school.”

-Marcelo Tenza, Director General of Group Solsegur (EMIR, Class of 2023)

“My experience at GSD was invaluable. I appreciate how the intimate setting allows for deep discussion of subjects taught by experts in the diplomatic sphere who infuse decades of their experiences into every class. The international student body also enhances the learning by contributing various cultural and geopolitical perspectives.  The education I received at GSD inspired my current career with UNHCR and I am delighted to see that Dr. Athar Sultan-Khan is the present Dean of the University, sharing his breath of knowledge and expertise with current and future students who will greatly benefit from his guidance. GSD is a gem in Geneva and studying there was a pleasure.”

-Renée Sauvé-Lemieux, Sevior level Executive Assistant at CTG (MIR, Class of 2015)

“I absolutely enjoyed my experience at GSD. The supportive staff and my dedicated supervisor made my journey truly exceptional. I’m grateful for the valuable skills and knowledge I’ve gained and I highly recommend GSD to anyone passionate about diplomacy and international relations.”

-Rawia Khayal, Researcher and Lecturer (DIR, 2023)

“My studies at GSD taught me several skills that allowed me to succeed post-graduation. The university’s small class sizes, experienced professors, and comprehensive curriculum provides a unique opportunity to learn and network with seasoned IR professionals. Coming from a background that was not IR related, the ability to speak and work directly with the professors proved to be an instrumental element of my time as GSD. The combination of the school’s focus on hard and “soft” skills provides GSD students with an invaluable skill set highly sought after in the workforce. In addition to this, GSD’s proximity to a multitude of international organizations created further opportunity for career placement, advancement, and networking.”

-Michael Hasenmueller, Head, Weapons and Ammunitions at Armasuisse (DIR, 2009)

“GSD gave me the possibility of conciliating doctoral studies with my professional life, which would have been nearly impossible in a more formal university framework. I would highly recommend GSD for those who firmly believe in life-long learning and a challenging, plus exciting educational experience.”

-Suzanne Rosselet, Professor at the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (DIR, 2011)


GSD’s-Master of International Relations (MIR) programme focuses on preparing individuals for a successful career within the public and private sectors, principally through its combined theoretical and practical approach. We offer a unique combination of conceptual international relations and diplomacy master level courses focused on theory and the development of essential diplomatic skills.

The GSD curriculum is based on 3 main pillars:

  • International Relations
  • International Law
  • International Economics



Students will take a number of core courses together with several elective courses. Examples of some of the courses they will be studying include:

  • Blue Diplomacy: International Ocean and Marine Governance
  • Digital Diplomacy and Internet Governance
  • International Law of Armed Conflict: Challenges and Case Studies
  • Global Health and International Relations
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy: Strategy, Policy, Implementation
  • Media and International Relations
  • New Dynamics in Global Migration
  • Dispute Settlement and Conflict Resolution: Legal Framework and Strategies
  • Emerging Trends in International Trade
  • Special access to UN and other diplomatic events
  • Mandatory internships as part of the programme
  • 1-1.5 years instead of 2
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Vibrant international student community
  • Learn from real practitioners
  • Personalised approach to student needs
  • Strong focus on student well-being
  • Obtain specialised skills for an international career

Programme Aim

  • To prepare and develop graduates for a career in departments of government, politics, international relations, international affairs, journalism and business.
  • To develop students’ intellectual capabilities of analysis and interpretation, critical evaluation, selection and synthesis, reasoned argument, research and problem solving.
  • To provide students with an interactive teaching environment which also gives them an appropriate research grounding in the study of international relations, including its political, social, and economic aspects.
  • To ensure that students acquire a solid understanding of methodologies to study international policies, procedures, and processes.
  • To ensure that students acquire a solid knowledge of theories of international relations, the heritage and development of the discipline, its major debates, its inherent nature as an interdisciplinary study, and a critical appreciation of the essentially contested nature of politics in general and international relations in particular.
  • To ensure that students acquire an advanced understanding of the relationship between theoretical, methodological, and empirical content of the topics studied.
  • To develop students’ personal, analytical, communication and diplomatic skills.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree. Whilst we accept applications from all varieties of undergraduate majors, a prior degree in international relations, history, social sciences, etc., will be an ideal preparation to commence your MIR studies at GSD.

Applicants are required to submit the following documents in support of their application:

  • Colour copy of passport photo page
  • A current CV
  • A motivation letter (550 words approximately)
  • Current transcripts (and Bachelor diploma, if already obtained)
  • 2 letters of recommendation, in addition to the above mentioned documents.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (or waiver, if applicable*)
  • All applicants will also be asked to participate in a brief interview, conducted by the admissions officer (online or in-person).


*Prospective students may request a waiver of the English language test if they have either:

  • Attended an international school or university where the language of instruction was English, or
  • Their mother tongue is English (passport from a country with English as the national language).

Tuition and Expenses

MIR Master’s degree (1 – 1.5 years) CHF 34,900.-

Application fee (non-refundable) CHF 300.-

Learning Resources and Administration fee CHF 1,200.- per year

These fees do NOT include travel, living accommodation, meals, medical or health insurance and the required study trip.

Financing your studies

If you are going to live and study in Switzerland, please keep in mind that Geneva is amongst the most expensive cities in the world. It is important to establish a realistic and sustainable financial plan for the entire period of studies. Of course, obtaining a degree is also an investment in your personal development and in your own future. The financial aspect, therefore, should not be the only factor when deciding to begin or continue your studies in Geneva.

Please check the financing your studies page to learn more about the fellowships and scholarships available in GSD.

Please contact us via for more information.

The applicant must submit:

  • GSD Aid Application Form
  • A motivation letter stating why they should be considered for the fellowship
  • Proof of financial need — usually the tax declaration of the candidate or the sponsor of the candidate
  • Any other documentation that may support their application


It is mandatory for all GSD students to complete at least one internship during the course of their Bachelor studies.  This is an ideal way for students to gain practical experience, expand their network, and apply theoretical knowledge to real world issues.

In order to assist students in their internships search, GSD has developed regular agreements with a network of organisations, benefiting from its Geneva location and the nearby presence of Embassies, diplomatic missions, governmental agencies, NGOs, multinational corporations, etc.

Download the Programme Brochure

Application process
  • - WTO
  • - Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the UN
  • - Geneva International Centre for Justice
  • - The Education Relief Foundation
  • - SOCAR
  • - The Dutch Council for Refuqees
  • - Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
  • - ITC
  • - ECOWAS
  • - Maison Pfister Consulting
  • - Law Firms
  • - International Civil Defense Organization
  • - IATA
  • - International Bridges to Justice
  • - CD4Peace
  • - IOM
  • - WFUNA
  • - International Bridge to Justice
  • - Philip Morris International Inc.
  • - UNEP
  • - UNITAR
  • - UNITAR
  • - WHO
  • - GCSP
  • - Joint Chamber of Commerce
  • - UNAIDS
  • - UNCTAD
  • - WFP