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The Geneva School of Diplomacy (GSD) is a world-class premium degree-awarding institution specialised in the teaching and practice of International Relations & Diplomacy. We offer high-quality and praxis-oriented academic degree programmes from the bachelor to the master level, including executive education focused on both theory and the development of essential diplomatic skills. GSD also provides tailor-made programmes to meet the specific needs of corporations, missions, and schools.

GSD has a multicultural and multidisciplinary academic community that blends intellectual and cultural stimulation and offers the perfect environment for people who want to study abroad in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy. Our purpose is to prepare future leaders for their roles on the world stage, advancing development, peace, and human rights.

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Student Testimonial

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Student Testimonial

Frizia Rounak
Student Testimonial

“GSD gave me the possibility of conciliating doctoral studies with my professional life, which would have been nearly impossible in a more formal university framework. I would highly recommend GSD for those who firmly believe in life-long learning and a challenging, plus exciting educational experience.”

Suzanne Rosselet, Professor at the American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (DIR, 2011)

“My studies at GSD taught me several skills that allowed me to succeed post-graduation. The university’s small class sizes, experienced professors, and comprehensive curriculum provides a unique opportunity to learn and network with seasoned IR professionals. Coming from a background that was not IR related, the ability to speak and work directly with the professors proved to be an instrumental element of my time as GSD. The combination of the school’s focus on hard and “soft” skills provides GSD students with an invaluable skill set highly sought after in the workforce. In addition to this, GSD’s proximity to a multitude of international organizations created further opportunity for career placement, advancement, and networking.”

Michael Hasenmueller, Head, Weapons and Ammunitions at Armasuisse (DIR, 2009)

“I absolutely enjoyed my experience at GSD. The supportive staff and my dedicated supervisor made my journey truly exceptional. I’m grateful for the valuable skills and knowledge I’ve gained and I highly recommend GSD to anyone passionate about diplomacy and international relations.”

Rawia Khayal, Researcher and Lecturer (DIR, 2023)

“My experience at GSD was invaluable. I appreciate how the intimate setting allows for deep discussion of subjects taught by experts in the diplomatic sphere who infuse decades of their experiences into every class. The international student body also enhances the learning by contributing various cultural and geopolitical perspectives.  The education I received at GSD inspired my current career with UNHCR and I am delighted to see that Dr. Athar Sultan-Khan is the present Dean of the University, sharing his breath of knowledge and expertise with current and future students who will greatly benefit from his guidance. GSD is a gem in Geneva and studying there was a pleasure.”

Renée Sauvé-Lemieux, Sevior level Executive Assistant at CTG (MIR, Class of 2015)

“The GSD executive master in international relations is a great opportunity for all those professionals who want to improve their knowledge in any subject related to international relations. I will describe this master’s degree as a perfect harmony of three parts: the school, the professors and the students: the school, choosing the appropriate and very current subjects; the professors, very competent and experts in their subjects, and the students come from all over the world with different backgrounds but with the same passion for any international subject and all together they allow you to understand the considerable changes that are happening in the world of international relations and how to use all the tools to face all the challenges more prepared. And that passion will help us to become not only mere spectators but also active actors in any organization, company, or school.”

Marcelo Tenza, Director General of Group Solsegur (EMIR, Class of 2023)

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