MA-IR Dual Programme

The Master of Arts in International Relations (MA-IR) is an internationally recognised Double Master’s Degree programme on International Relations with a Business Focus.  The programme will better arm graduates to face some of the world’s changing challenges and newer problems. GSD has created this programme together with the University of Business and International Studies (UBIS).

The job market – locally and internationally – is becoming more difficult for numerous reasons: The competition, the economic situation in many countries and the needs/ expectations of employers. Despite these challenges new job opportunities are opening up globally: How then can you benefit/ take advantage of this? The answer in short is that it is all about differentiating yourself on the job market. Deemed essential today is an ever-deepening alliance between international organisations, international diplomacy and international business. The MA-IR is therefore an increasingly sought-after foundation and platform to better understand, cope with and contribute more humanely and intelligently to the emerging challenges of the 21st century.

Programme Structure

Students will study and transfer course credits from both UBIS and GSD and will receive two Master Degree Diplomas. The International Relations & Diplomacy Courses are part of the GSD Master programme. The Business Courses are part of the UBIS curriculum and will be offered to you on their Geneva campus on-ground (10 minutes commute between both institutions). Please see here more information about the courses offered during both programmes:

Download the MA-IR folder

IR courses

  • New Paradigms of International Relations
  • Diplomatic Negotiations: Policy, Practice, Procedures (Simulations)
  • Emerging Trends in Global Trade
  • Essential Skills for Future Diplomats, Key Leadership Skills
  • Contemporary Challenges for International Humanitarian Law
  • International Managerial Economics
  • Thesis
  • Internship

Business courses

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Marketing in a Global Environment
  • Web Strategies
Courses 15 courses
Credits 48 US credits, 90 ECTS
Length 12 to 18 months
Intake Rolling admissions

Special opportunity GSD MIR Alumni

For our MIR Alumni we have a special offer for everyone who is interested to top-up their MIR programme. If you already have obtained your MIR at GSD; you will only have to follow 5 specialised UBIS courses focused on business in order to obtain a full UBIS MA-IR Internationally Accredited Degree. The courses are offered online; the programme is very flexible and has a maximum duration of 6 months. Thanks to our partnership with UBIS we are able to offer our Alumni this very exclusive offer for a reduced tuition fee. Differentiate yourself: Top-up your MIR with a business focus in less than 6 months! To find out more about the programme and possibilities, please send an email to


The University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) is a Swiss private university which is part of the US Hamilton White Group. UBIS is centred in Geneva and offers Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration and International Relations as well as Industry Specific Programs customized to the ever- changing marketplace. Their online as well as fast track specialized programs enable the brightest business minds of tomorrow to easily start their studies today. And the ability to receive a dual degree (US/Swiss) means our students can immediately stand apart.

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