The Globecraft Institute

The Globecraft ® Institute is a Humanitarian organization. Under the leadership of Dr. Colum Murphy, the Globecraft ® Institute is, nevertheless, a legally and academically autonomous organization working on avant-garde and pressing world issues – political, legal and economic.

The mandate of the Globecraft ® Institute represents no consensus of beliefs or any political affiliation. Instead, the focus of the organization – depends on its perceptions of the importance of different issues requiring attention at different times. Under the broad goal of advancing the cause of peace, development and human rights, the Globecraft® Institute undertakes development projects, investigations and research on numerous issues it deems relevant and of importance to global progress at any one period.

The initial research of the Institute has been on environmental issues, energy issues, the politics of technology and intellectual property, global water shortage, international development and the ever-more-urgent issues of conflict resolution and the better understanding of the roots of war. Other research topics are added as the leadership of the Institute sees fit. The term “Globecraft®” is a registered and copyrighted invention of Dr. Murphy.

The Globecraft® Institute is based in Geneva, Switzerland at the heart of the world’s most diplomatic neighborhood, surrounded by some 200 international organizations.



The research wing consists of different Desks/ Centers which will conduct research and publish reports on specific topics. The Desks/ Centers will consist of experts from specific fields who would offer their expertise to countries or organizations that require them.

Centre for Blue Diplomacy and Economics, which will work on empowering and unleashing initiatives that will help, spearhead more cooperation and diplomatic efforts on both land and the sea/oceans. The focus of the Centre would be to ensure the oceans are healthy and prosper so that humanity can continue to depend on them for the future, but importantly so that we minimize the risk of future conflict and fragility.

Centre for Silk Road Diplomacy. The Silk Road has existed for thousands of years, throughout history. The Silk Road enriched the countries it passed through, transporting cultures, religions, languages and of course material goods into societies across Europe, Asia, and Africa, and uniting them all with a common thread of cultural heritage and plural identities. The Centre will focus on learning lessons from the past, encourage the idea of Silk Road diplomacy, and establish a platform where countries involved could engage in a dialogue. This we believe will result in both economic and political cooperation among the countries involved.


The Business wing works according to the principle of “Peace through development”. The aim of development through Sustainable Business is to introduce sustainable business models to regions or situations where these businesses would have a catalytic effect on community development and therefore peace.  Business projects submitted to the organizations shall be evaluated based on the sustainability factor. Upon consulting our team of experts, efforts shall be undertaken to introduce the business idea to authorities from a particular region or situation.