The Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations (GSD) prides itself in reflecting the diversity of our globalised world with students, alumni, faculty and staff from more than 100 countries. This encourages a very stimulating multicultural environment that blends intellectual and cultural stimulation.

Our current students are benefiting from GSD’s perfect location in the heart of the diplomatic world and closeness to surrounding international organisations, missions and NGO’s. This gives our students the ability to find an internship in any field of their preference and to create a network that can be life lasting and life changing.


GSD often organises events to stimulate intellect and personal contacts amongst each other. During the academic year we hold several gatherings for current students, faculty and alumni. Furthermore, representatives from the International Organisations as well as high-level experts on cutting edge issues are invited to share their knowledge and experience with the students via lecture sessions or regular courses.

Humanitarian Commitment

Based on GSD’s core values (Academic & Vocational Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism), GSD provides high quality and praxis-oriented education combined with a commitment to student support and promotes a philosophy rooted in the School’s motto: ‘serviendo guberno – to govern is to serve’. GSD believes it is very important to not only teach through books, but through support and actual hands-on experience in the real-world.

Because of our believes, we have created the GSD Humanitarian Initiative Program (HIP); real work for real people.

Exchange Programs

GSD offers students the option to do a Student Exchange Program at one of our partner institutions in Russia; the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). For more information, please click here. We also offer undergraduates the opportunity to do an Exchange Program at Georgetown University, Washington D.C, one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions, offering a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of global citizens and diplomats to lead and make a difference in the world.

Student Ambassadors

The School is working closely with GSD Student Ambassadors as representatives of their respective programme and as key partners for internal quality assurance and that initiatives respond to the needs of our student population.

The philosophy of the GSD Student Ambassadors Forum defines the vitality to foster and create a positive, productive and meaningful atmosphere for the student body in school. Through professionalism, representation, teamwork, compromise and voting, a member of the forum has a chance to learn how democracy works and to apply it to everyday school life.

Therefore, this philosophy improves the quality of life in school by giving the students a practical place to learn lifetime skills of being leaders and followers in an organized and structured team with a unified purpose and goal under a common constitution.

The primary objective of the Student Ambassadors Forum is to act as the voice and representative of the entire student body of GSD. The forum shall be the official link between students, administration, faculty members and Management that presents and facilitates ideas, opinions, and matters of interest.

The forum itself has limited governing authority; however, it is responsible for organizing meetings with and presenting ideas to teachers and administrators for final action. The purpose of this role of the Student Ambassadors Forum is such that in the process of presenting the ideas, the students are given opportunities for decision-making.

Please meet our current and former Student Ambassadors and Presidents:

GSD Community - Current Students - Student Ambassadors - 2011-2012


GSD Community - Current Students - Student Ambassadors - 2012-2013


GSD Community - Current Students - Student Ambassadors - 2013-2014


GSD Community - Current Students - Student Ambassadors - 2014-2015


GSD Community - Current Students - Student Ambassadors - 2015-2016






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