“Working for the Council of Europe has provided me the opportunity to thoroughly network with the international community in Geneva and has given me an entirely new perspective of international affairs from an organizational point of view.”

Zoe Ryan profile photo
Zoé RyanUnited States
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
Class of 2017

‘The executive studies at GSD serve me on a daily basis since all the study subjects have a direct impact on my work as a career diplomat. I feel honoured to be part of the GSD family of highly motivated students, brilliant faculty, and exceptional alumni.’

Marco Dos Res da costa profile photo
Marco Dos Reis Da CostaTimorese (Timor-Leste)
Executive Master in International Relations (EMIR)

‘GSD is suitable especially for professional people and provides excellent faculty who are experts in their chosen fields. The education at GSD encourages peace for all human beings on a global scale. GSD also provides a multicultural atmosphere which is itself an amazingly enriching learning environment.’

Noori Obaid Khan profile photo
Noori Obaid KhanAfghanistan
Executive Master in International Relations

As an Albanian that has lived in a transitional period, from one of the harshest communist regimes to democracy, I comprehend the sheer significance of the good governance, social justice, and accountability. These are simply the tenets that I acknowledged throughout my irreplaceable education period at GSD.
Becoming a part of the diplomatic domain allowed me to engage in issues I was deeply passionate about: International Law and International Affairs. It was during my last year of studies that I decided to join GSD and this decision made possible the exploration of new opportunities in a rapidly changing and evolving world. Admittedly, the overarching program of GSD along with its location in the most diplomatic city in the world, Geneva, and the opportunities it offers to join the United Nations system, or even to engage in exchange programs, such as the one I pursued at Georgetown University, makes it one of the most respectable academic institutions in the world for Diplomacy and International Relations.
GSD is a state-of-the-art institution. In this relatively ‘new’ University, but full of expertise and diplomatic culture within, I have had the chance to be taught by UN professionals, Ambassadors, high-officials from International Organizations and other renowned professors.
My time at GSD has broadened my intellectual capacity and have pioneered me through analyzing world issues, established my consciousness on social injustices and have unquestionably prepared me to serve the international community in the near future.

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Donis SadushajTirana, Albania
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BA-IR)
Student Body Ambassador BA-IR Year II & III 2016 Class of 2018

‘I would recommend Geneva School of Diplomacy to anyone who is looking for an engaging and interactive education, with a clear professional focus’.

Juan Pablo Cardenal
David OrreSweden
Master of Arts in International Relations
Class of 2017

‘Being at the heart of Geneva and close to the UN environment was key for me in choosing GSD. The EMIR program is very much connected to topics that are top of the agenda in today’s current affairs.’

Juan Pablo Cardenal
Juan Pablo CardenalSpain
Executive Master in International Relations (EMIR)
Class of 2016

‘I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to study at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and to have had the opportunity to receive an inspiring education at all levels; well-structured lectures, practical training through simulation sessions, participant engagement and mentoring.‘

Dr. Kalliopi Ioannidou
Dr. Kalliopi IoannidouGreece
Executive Master in International Relations
Class of 2016

I arrived to Geneva on a flight from New Zealand in 2016. Winter was setting in. I was lacking suitable snow boots but hopeful about the journey I was embarking on.
GSD offered me a structured programme that included both foundational topics as well as deep dives into the most pressing international relations issues of the day. I relished the opportunity to answer questions made by professors, expert academically and in practise. I quickly learnt about the importance of strategic thinking in diplomacy.
As a self-proclaimed introvert, the GSD Masters Programme encouraged me to be more outgoing, charismatic and professionally resilient. I learnt to enjoy networking, as it was key to finding an internship. When I exceled at that, I learnt to be an innovative problem solver, resolving practical problems for a fully-fledged diplomat, working for the wellbeing of their country. High stakes in any case.
I now work for an Embassy as a Policy Adviser. I apply the lessons learnt at GSD frequently. I am aware that my GSD experience was a crucial stepping-stone in my professional career.

Mariana SuarezColombia/ New Zealand
Master in International Relations (MIR)
Student Body Ambassador MIR 2016 Class of 2016

‘відкриває двері в світ міжнародних відносин, це буде цікаво та захоплюючи!’

Viktoriia Satviska
Viktoriia SatviskaUkraine
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BA-IR)
Student Body Ambassador BA-IR Year I Class of 2019

‘It has been a captivating journey that changed my life’

Hassan Abul Enein
Hassan Abul EneinEgypt
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
GSD Student Body President 2017 Class of 2017