Executive Winter School 

Today’s world puts out new challenges ahead of us not only in terms of specific problems, but also with regard to personal skills needed to deal with them. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – just to name a few of the features of the modern time. To add to the list – new risks, new communication options, demands for new creative ways of thinking – and we have a whole new arsenal of skills, which have to be developed in order to navigate with confidence and to succeed in the contemporary world of politics, business and diplomacy.

To help motivated professionals from the public and private sectors develop and enhance their leadership skills to meet modern challenges, we have designed a new content and format of our regular Executive Diplomatic Training: GSD Executive Winter School.

This year’s edition took place from 18 – 22 February with the theme: Leadership in the New Era: Vision, Creativity, Change, Communications“. The Executive Training focused on the most recent trends in personal and organizational leadership, and provided participants with powerful tools essential for dealing with the problems of the rapidly changing world, its challenges, uncertainties and risks. In 2020, the Executive Winter School will again take place in February.

During the Winter School, participants are exposed to the experiences of remarkable leaders and world-class experts and gain insight into the vibrant world of political, diplomatic and business leadership. You will enjoy a dynamic learning environment where a diverse group of participants share ideas and engage in challenging in-class activities, which will transform and boost your leadership skills. Some comments from former participants:

Attending the GSD Executive Winter School is both enriching and meaningful experience as it not only enhances one’s leadership skills, it also becomes a powertool in shaping one’s authentic leadership style. The course paved way in meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds, making one more appreciative of diversity in the context of global affairs. I thoroughly enjoyed the one-week course program in Geneva.

Ms. Ria Gorospe, Foreign Service Officer, Acting Director Consular Records Division Office of Consular Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines


The participation in the Programme will be a transformational experience, which will allow you to:

  • Examine how effective leaders operate
  • Define your personal leadership style and explore the options for personal branding
  • Develop effective strategies for driving change and achieving long term goals
  • Focus on new ways of designing and executing strategy
  • Develop leadership vision
  • Gain insight into foresight strategy & tools
  • Navigate future leadership challenges & risks
  • Explore innovative alternatives to digital communication
  • Develop a creative mindset
  • Improve your decision-making, communication and negotiation skills

After successful completion of the Winter School you will receive a certificate of completion and earn 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

For any additional information you may need, please contact us via: winterschool@genevadiplomacy.ch.


Payments can be made by using the following bank details:
Account’s holder:  Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations
Address:  Château de Penthes, Chemin de l’Impératrice 18,
1292 Pregny /Switzerland
Name of the bank: UBS SA
Address of the bank: 8098 ZURICH / SWITZERLAND
Account #:   22855816401Q
IBAN: CH460022822855816401Q
Reference: Candidate’s name + course reference “Winter School 2020”

Payments through Paypal are accepted but are subject to commission depending on the countries.
Any financial matters should be addressed to: accounts@genevadiplomacy.ch.

Application for 2020 will be available soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please send us an email to: winterschool@genevadiplomacy.ch.

Registration fee is 100.-chf (non-refundable)
Tuition fee is 1,500.-chf


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