Case Study Weekends – Spring 2019

During the practice-oriented case study weekends, participants will:

  • Be provided with advanced in-depth knowledge and skills to grasp and navigate the complex realities of international relations and deal with practical situations encountered by diplomats in their everyday practice;
  • Focus on a variety of the most important global challenges and governance solutions;
  • Develop practical skills such as negotiation, working in teams, problem-solving, conflict resolution, decision making and leadership, through practical exercises and case studies;

The training sessions will take place at the heart of the most diplomatic neighborhood on the planet during the following weekends:

Weekend I (22 & 23 March 2019):
Newest Trends & Challenges in Human Rights Protection

Guided by the high-profile human rights experts through interactive discussions, the participants will focus on the most recent trends and challenges in human rights protection and the need for reforms of the existing mechanisms. They will discuss key jurisprudence, including the controversies of the current cases (Venezuela, Catalonia), will foresee the perspectives, and get ready to make an impact in this field.

Weekend II (17 & 18 May 2019):
Transforming Global Governance for the 21st Century: International Institutions & Rising Powers

Through thought-provoking dialogues, the intensive weekend course will deeply examine the paradigm shifts in global governance, which bring the need for a changing role of the United Nations. The course will draw conclusions on the efficiency of the UN response to the recent armed conflicts, and explore the role of transnational hybrid organizations. The participants will get prepared to play a crucial role in making the change happen through their everyday diplomatic activities.

Weekend III (24 & 25 May 2019)
Humanitarian Diplomacy 

Based on collaborative learning, the advanced course will integrate different perspectives on humanitarian action: communications and confidence building with the key decision makers, engaging with other humanitarian actors in the field, as well as the practical insights into humanitarian advocacy and diplomacy, to make sure that vulnerable populations get access to the aid.

Program Case Study Weekends – Spring 2019

The program below will give you an impression of some of courses you can expect during the case study weekends. Please note that the courses mentioned below are still subject to changes. 

22 & 23 March 2019 Case Study Weekend I:  ”Newest Trends & Challenges in Human Rights Protection”

  • Jurisprudence of the Human Rights Committee: Case Studies
  • The Tomorrow of Human Rights: Perspectives, Challenges & Trends
  • Institutional Mechanisms of Human Rights Protection: Are Any Reforms Needed?
  • European Approaches to the Human Right to Life
17 & 18 May 2019 Case Study Weekend II: “Transforming Global Governance for the 21st Century: International Istitutions & Rising Powers”

  • The United Nations system and it’s role in ‘Global Governance’
  • Reforming the UN to meet the rising challenges of the 21st century
  • Security in a Divided and Fragmented World
  • The Role of Transnational Hybrid Organisations and Challenges to Global Governance
  • The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation
24 & 25 May 2019 Case Study Weekend III: ”Humanitarian Diplomacy”

  • Theory and Methodological Background: Participative Action Research
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy in Praxis – Learning Through Storytelling
  • The Philosophy of Law and The Applicability of it in Humanitarian Action
  • Humanitarian Advocacy
  • Communications: Humanitarian Diplomacy tools for support

Registration and price

The courses will take place on Fridays from 13h15 – 16h45 and on Saturdays from 09h15 – 17h00.
You can register for 1, 2 or the full package of all 3 weekends.

Per case study weekend: CHF 500,-
Full package (all 3 weekends) : CHF 1.200,-
Registration fee CHF 100,- (non-refundable)


ECTS value

You will earn 3 ECTS per Case Study Weekend

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